Thursday 16 February 2023

Should You Watch... RE/MEMBER? Netflix's Latest J-Horror aka Karada Sagashi (Japan 2022)

Six classmates at a high school find themselves in the school chapel at exactly midnight. A young girl clutching a soft toy and soaked in blood brutally murders them all.

But they awake the following morning in a loop. They are repeating the same day.

With the help of one of the classmates, the work out they are stuck in the Body Search game, where their task is to find all the body parts of a murdered girl and assemble them in a coffin located in the chapel.

But if the little girl catches them and they all die before the task is complete, they need to do it all again.

Working together, and developing a sense of friendship, they devise strategies on how to assemble the body and how to defeat the mutated red monster chasing them every night.


This was the top Japanese horror movie of 2022, and the third highest grossing Asian horror film of 2022. Based on a web novel, this movie has cool concept.

It’s a shame that it will be remembered (groan) by it’s Netflix title rather than its Japanese one, but at least we get to see it.

The plot sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it? It’s Happy Death Day, or depending on how old you are, its Groundhog day, but I’ve never read the web novel this is based on, so I can’t comment on how close it sticks to the source material. This review will be based on the movie only.

The biggest thing is I am glad to finally watch it. This was the movie that trounced Sadako DX at the box office, so there is a lot of interest behind this

First let’s see the movie did right:

Watch the video for my full review


Genre Horror Thriller
Director Eiichiro Hasumi
Starring Kanna Hashimoto, Gordon Maeda
Original Title カラダ探し
Alternative Title Karada Sagashi, Find My Body, Body Search
Country of Origin Japan
Release Date October 14 2022

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