Tuesday 7 March 2023

Should You Watch... MUMUN? An Indonesian Comedy Horror from 2023

Mumun is a very popular woman. After her father rejects the third marriage proposal for her, she pushes her boyfriend to hurry up. While at a party, Mumun received an SMS from a debt collector telling her she owns them 50 Million Rupiah – side note: that approximately $5K Australian dollars.

Problem is she never borrowed the money – her identical twin Mimin did, using her ID.

When Mumum fails to pay back the debt in time, she is harassed by the boss who also has a crush on her. While attempted to do some funny business with her, she escapes from his car but is hit and killed by a truck.

However, as should be tradition in the Muslim father, Hussein the gravedigger forgets to untie her shroud rope, which would allow her spirit to enter the afterlife.

Annoyed, and returning to Earth as Pocong – which is a kind of Muslim zombie – she haunts her attackers until Hussein can help her out.


Kinda doesn’t really sound funny, right? It sounds a bit silly – but probably not funny.

A lot of the movie relies on a form of slapstick type humour – and no doubt a lot of dialogue is lost in the translation, so really there is no guarantee that the jokes are coming through in English the way they’re intended

The story itself is quite endearing – Mumun has a lovely family life and boyfriend and there are scenes where it shows she is well loved in their village – to the point where her boyfriend calls all her fans “Mumunaholics” and other kinds of wacky nicknames.

But the film has a bit of a dark side, and a strange violent streak but those who like comedy horror might not really get into.

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Genre Comedy Horror
Director Rizal Mantovani
Starring Acha Septriasa, Dimas Aditya
Original Title Mamun
Country of Origin Indonesia
Release Date September 1 2022

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