Thursday 27 February 2020

Wild Goose Lake - Where Lawless Meets Its End (China 2019) | Hu Ge | Drama

This is our review of the Chinese thriller Wild Goose Lake - a man in hiding from Police and other gangsters forms an unlikely friendship with a woman who has been tasked with helping him find his wife.

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Monday 24 February 2020

Top 10 Highest Grossing Chinese Movies in 2019 at the Chinese Box Office

With the second biggest box office in the world, Chinese movies have improved in leaps and bounds from the old kung-fu and fantasy movies of the 90s! Take a look at this list of the Top 10 Chinese movies from 2019! There's a few surprises here

TRAILER REEL: February Week 4, 2020

L.O.R.D 2 Legend of Ravaging Dynasties (China 2020) | Eng Subs | Fan Bingbing | Animation

Fatal Visit 圣荷西谋杀案 (Hong Kong 2020) | English Subtitles | Charlene Choi | Thriller

Summer of Changsha 六欲天 (China 2019) | English Subtitles | Huang Lu | Thriller

Beyond The Dream 幻爱 (Hong Kong 2020) | English Subtitles | Cecilia Choi | Drama

77 Heartwarmings 感动她77次 (Hong Kong 2020) | English Subtitles | Charlene Choi | Comedy

The Attorney 一級指控 (Hong Kong 2020) | English Subtitles | Alex Fong | Thriller

Saturday 22 February 2020

Guess What We Found When We Went to the Cinema in China! | A Tour of a Chinese Cinema

In this Special Feature video, The Arty Dans takes you on a tour of the YES Cinema complex in Guangzhou China. We check out all their facilities, snacks and even a peak inside the projection room!

Thursday 20 February 2020

Wednesday 19 February 2020

SWAT Interview w/ Director Ding Sheng (China 2019) | English Subtitles | Ding Sheng | Action

In this video, S.W.A.T Director Ding Sheng explains his thinking behind this action movie, and how he pushed his actors to the limit to get the best results.

Genre Action
Director Ding Sheng
Original Title 特警队

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Tuesday 18 February 2020

TRAILER REEL: February Week 3, 2020

Trailer: Limbo 智齿 (Hong Kong 2020) | English Subtitles | Gordon Lam | Horror

Trailer: Wild Goose Lake 南方车站的聚会 (China 2019) | English Subtitles | Hu Ge | Thriller

Trailer: L.O.R.D 2 Legend of Ravaging Dynasties (China 2020) | Eng Subs | Fan Bingbing | Animation

Trailer: Twin Blades (China 2020) | English Subtitles | Li Ma | Action

Trailer: Caught In Time 限期破案 (China 2020) | English Subtitles | Daniel Wu | Crime (Teaser)

Trailer: Special Couple 合法伴侣 (China 2020) | English Subtitles | Bai-Ke | Comedy

Trailer: Oversize Love 月半爱丽丝 (China 2020) | English Subtitles | Xiaotong Guan | Comedy

Trailer: Confetti 五彩缤纷 (China/USA 2020) | English Subtitles | ZhuZhu | Drama

Trailer: KKN di Desa Penari (Indonesia 2020) | English Subtitles | Aghniny Haque | Horror

Trailer: Roh Mati Paksa (Indonesia 2020) | English Subtitles | Arnold Leonard | Horror

Trailer: Kiss Me At The Stroke of Midnight キスしに来てよ (Japan 2019) | Katayose Ryota | Drama

Diamond Anxiety - Adding a 5th C to Diamond Grading! (China 2019) | Binge Review

Chinese horrors... sigh. Well, honestly what do you expect? A wealthy woman comes in possession of a beautiful custom make diamond ring and starts going insane. Yep.

Monday 10 February 2020

TRAILER REEL: February Week 2, 2020

Trailer: We Are Champions 下半场 (Taiwan 2020) | English Subtitles | Fandy Fan | Drama

Trailer: Li Na: My Life 李娜 (China 2020) | English Subtitles | Li Na | Drama (mobile version)

Trailer: Caught In Time 限期破案 (China 2020) | English Subtitles | Daniel Wu | Crime (Teaser)

Trailer: I'm Livin It (麥路人) (Hong Kong 2019) | English Subtitles | Aaron Kwok | Drama

Trailer: At Last (玩命三日) (China 2020) | English Subtitles | Ni Yan | Comedy

Trailer: Beijing Guild Hall (北平会馆) (China 2020) | English Subtitles | Horror

Trailer: I Know When You Are Going To Die (Indonesia 2020) | English Subtitles | Ria Ricis | Horror

Wednesday 5 February 2020

S.W.A.T. (China 2019)

It's big and it's loud! S.W.A.T. explodes onto the small screen - and it's a movie that action junkies should enjoy!

An elite special forces team is assembled from two rival SWAT squads to take down a foreign drug kingpin using an island off the coast of Beijing to create his products.

Genre Action
Director Ding Sheng
Original Title Te Jing Dui 特警队

Monday 3 February 2020

TRAILER REEL: February Week 1, 2020

Trailer 02: S.W.A.T. (Te Jing Dui 特警队) (China 2019) | Ding Sheng | Action

Trailer 02: Vanguard 急先锋 (China 2020) | English Subtitles | Jackie Chan | Action

Trailer: Dynasty Warriors Destiny of an Emperor 真·三国无双 (HK 2020) | English Sub | Louis Koo | Action

Trailer: Warriors of Future 明日战记 (Hong Kong 2020) | English Subtitles | Louis Koo | Action

Trailer: Kajeng Kliwon (Indonesia 2020) | English Subtitles | Amanda Manopo | Horror

Trailer: Janin (Fetus) (Indonesia, 2020) | English Subtitles | Reuben Elishama | Horror

Trailer: Kumanthong [Thiên Linh Cái] (Vietnam 2019) | English Subtitles | Hoang Yen Chibi | Horror

Trailer: Sent From Above 喜從天降 (Taiwan 2020) | English Subtitles | Lawrence Ko | Comedy