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Full List of Chinese Horror Movies (Mainland)


京城81号3 The House That Never Dies 3


网络凶铃The Perilous Internet Ring (She Died on QQ)
Beijing Guild Hall
Number 82 Haunted House
凌晨两点半2 Mid Night Two/At Two Thirty
笔仙大战贞子3结盟 Bunshinsaba VS Sadako 3


古窑迷踪 Lost in the Cave Dwelling
Human Bone Curse
九克拉战栗 Diamond Anxiety - SEEN
噬魂剑 Ghost Sword
午夜怪谈 Neighbour - SEEN
诡宅 The Ghost House
古井凶灵 The Ghost In Well
少女宿舍 Girl Dorm
道具师 Property Master
童童的风铃密室 Bell Chamber
看不见的小孩 Haunted Road 3: Untold Body - SEEN
碟仙 Mortal Ouija


House Number 7
原来如此 Love Is The Sunshine
午夜废墟  Midnight Ruins - SEEN
阴阳眼之瞳灵公馆 Can't See Me Love You - SEEN
姽婳 Master of Oil Painting
午夜幽灵 Midnight Ghost
恐怖快递 The Express / Terror Express
午夜整容室 Painted Skin: The Double Mask - SEEN
解剖室灵异事件之男生宿舍 Inside The Boys
惊慌失色之诡寓 Panic: Ghost Apartment
细思极恐 Think Carefully
黑暗深处之惊魂夜 Nightmare of Darkness 
台仙魔咒 Tai Xian
开学悸 Disturbed Souls On Campus
毛骨悚然之红衣男孩 Damnation
恐怖浴室 Horror Bathroom - SEEN
锁 Binding Destiny
烛仙 Candle Fairy
七夜追魂 The Missing
贞子归来 (Return of Ghost Child)
凌晨两点半 Midnight
壹号别墅 No 1 Villa - SEEN
午夜十二点 Midnight XII
玲珑井 Linglong Wells - SEEN


惊魂绣花鞋 Frightening Embroidery Shoes - SEEN
血伞凶灵 An Umbrella Conspiracy
恐怖理发店 Ghost In Barbers- SEEN
怨灵宿舍之白纸女生 Haunted Dormitory: White Paper Girl - SEEN
怨灵宿舍之人偶老师 Haunted Dormitory: Marionette Teacher - SEEN
碟仙之毕业照  Haunted Graduation Photo - SEEN
恐怖毕业照2 Haunted Graduation Photo 2 - SEEN
撞邪31号 Encounter Evil
诡眼 Spy Eyes
通灵姐妹 Haunted Sisters - SEEN
七月半3:灵触第七感 Spirit Touch Seventh Sense 
诡井 Deep Well
墨玉太极 Jade of Tai Chi
原罪的羔羊 Doom of Humanity
画室惊魂 The Frighten Studio
惊门 The Door
诡域新娘 Ghost Bride
谜域之噬魂岭 Mystery Zone Soul Eating Hill
午夜惊魂路 The Road Back
诡异酒楼 Strange Restaurant
守灵 Wake / Funeral Vigil
荒野加油站 (Rural) Gas Station
请勿靠近 Please Keep Away
惊悚小说 Inside: A Chinese Horror Story
碟仙前传 Disc Fairy
京城81号2 The House That Never Dies 2 - SEEN
鬼网 Ghost Net
夜闯寡妇村 Intrude The Widow Village at Midnight
贞子大战碟仙 (Junzi Battles the Disc Fairy)
胆小别看 (Be Timid Don't Look)
张震讲故事之鬼迷心窍 Chang Chen Ghost Stories / Be Possessed By Ghosts
怨灵2 Haunted Road 2 - SEEN
恐怖电影院2 The Haunted Cinema 2 - SEEN
笔仙大战贞子2 Bunshinsaba vs Sadako 2


诡咒 Curse Of The Demon
少女龙婆 The Girl Shaman
夜半哭声 Who Is Crying at Midnight
诡梦凶铃 A Dream Ring
七月半2:前世今生 Mid July Days 2 - SEEN
玩命剧组 Playgroup Host (not official title)
惊魂七夜 Seven Fright Nights - SEEN
心灵解码 Mind Decoding
幽灵医院 Ghost Hospital - SEEN
惊魂直播夜 One Night Live Show
笔仙之生死劫 Life and Death of Pen Fairy
学妹惊声之色色发抖 (Trembling Girl)
怨灵地下室 Soul House
恐怖笔记 Scary Notes
笔仙撞碟仙 When Pen Ghost Meets Plate Ghost
诡订餐 (Order a Meal)
枕边有张脸2 Face on The Pillow 2
生忌快乐 Happy Birth Death
聊斋新编之画皮新娘 The Bride With Painted Skin
筷仙 The Curse of Chopsticks
致命怪谈 The Game
死亡游戏 Death Game
隔壁惊魂 Ghost Neighbour
骇故事之招魂 (The Spirit of Horror Story)
禁地之恐怖医院 (Terror Hospital in Forbidden Land)
张震讲故事之合租屋 Chang Chen Ghost Stories
妖医 Witch Doctor / Thailand's Love
午夜寻访录 Midnight Search
笔仙诡影 Bloody House
恶灵之门 Apparition
妄想症 Paranoia
魔都凶音 The Whisper
诡娃 The Weird Doll
骇故事之女舍惊魂 A Woman's Horror
泰惊魂之古镜 The Ancient Mirror
笔仙大战贞子 Bunshinsaba VS Sadako
猫脸老太太 Mother's Revenge


阴婚之鬼压床 The Marriage of the Grave
白云桥 Bridge In Clouds
灵臆事件 Chinese Horror Story
索命暹罗之按摩师 Massagist
荒村怨灵 Strange Battle
恐怖游泳馆 Whose In The Pool
恐怖照相机 Music and Dream
床下有人3 Under The Bed 3 - SEEN
催命符之劫后重生 Warrant The Reborn
别开门 Don't Open The Door
雨夜惊魂 The Stormy Night
枕边诡影 Bedside Cry
惊魂电影院 Admission by Guts - SEEN
亲,别怕 Dear, Don't Be Afraid
笔仙归来 The Pen (Fairy) Is Back
七月半之恐怖宿舍 Mid-July Days
笔仙魔咒 Campus Mystery
通灵之六世古宅 The Strange House / Psychic - SEEN
半夜叫你别回头 Midnight Whisper
诡劫 Doomed Disaster
午夜讲诡故事 A Teller With his Mystery Stories
双生灵 Twin Spirit
魔镜 The Mirror 3D
人皮拼图 The Puzzle of Human Skin
诡打墙 Circle
异种 Monsters
午夜巴士 Midnight Bus
闺蜜心窍 Ghost Leader


灵瞳 Eyes of Ghosts
疯花血月 (Blood Month)
黑月 She and She
古曼 Golden Doll
笔仙惊魂3 Death Is Here 3
怨灵 Haunted Road - SEEN
夜半梳头 Midnight Hair
恐怖电影院 The Haunted Cinema - SEEN
碟仙诡谭 Death Ouija 
午夜43路 Twilight Online
整形师·脸 Plastic Surgeon: Hunted Face
三更车库 Midnight Garage
封门村 Closed Doors Village
怖偶 Enchanted Doll
虐面人之死灵面膜 Face Hunter
红髅 The Buried Secrets / Red Mansion / Haunted Hall
床下有人2 Under The Bed 2 - SEEN
孤岛 Lonely Island
诡替身 Double Exposure
诡八楼 Horror Floor / The Eighth House - SEEN
京城81号 The House The Never Dies
笔仙3 Bunshinsaba 3 - SEEN
女生宿舍 Inside The Girls - SEEN
恐怖电影院 Haunted Cinema - SEEN


深宫怨灵 Palace of the Damned / Palace Phantoms / Hell's Haunted Palace / Ghost of the Imperial Palace / The Living Dead / The Undead / The Haunted
少女灵异日记 Black Mirror
枕边有张脸 Mysterious Face
冷瞳 Cold Pupil
诡魇 Nightmare
诡拼车 Carpooling Shock
校花诡异事件 The Supernatural Events on Campus - SEEN
古镇凶灵之巫咒缠身 Dead Sign
禁忌游戏之迷藏 The Game of Hide and Seek
楼 The Haunted House / The House
午夜火车 Midnight Train
蝙蝠别墅 Murcielago
诡婴吉咪 Baby Blues
电梯惊魂 18 Floors Underground / Lift to Hell
笔仙Ⅱ Bunshinsaba 2 - SEEN
步步追魂 (Step by Step to the Soul)
女蛹 The Chrysalis - SEEN


半夜不要照镜子 Who In the Mirror
孤岛惊魂2 Mysterious Island 2
午夜微博 Midnight Microblog
恐怖旅馆 Love Motel - SEEN
地下室惊魂 The Basement
凶间雪山 The Demon In The Mountain
笔仙惊魂 Death Is Here
夜店诡谈 Any Other Side
绣花鞋 Blood Stained Shoes
笔仙 Bunshinsaba
绝录求生 Run
青魇 Nightmare


床下有人 Who Under The Bed / What's Under the Bed / Who is Undercover
孤岛惊魂 Mysterious Island
午夜凶梦 Nightmare
B区32号 No 32 B District
镜中迷魂 (Ecstasy In The Mirror)
夜惊魂 The Frightening Night


午夜心跳 Midnight Beating
等着你回来 The Haunting Lover


(2009) 午夜出租车 Midnight Taxi
(2008) 荒村客栈 The Deserted Inn
(2007) 心中有鬼 The Matrimony - SEEN
(1994) 情人的血特别红 Naked Bath / Legacy with Smell of Blood / Lover’s Blood

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FREE MOVIE - King's Feast

The Arty Dans, alongside my partners in Asian Film Fans and Guangzhou Yezi Cultural, bring you free movies! Enjoy King's Feast.

More information on this movie can be found here 



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Wild Goose Lake - Where Lawless Meets Its End (China 2019) | Hu Ge | Drama

This is our review of the Chinese thriller Wild Goose Lake - a man in hiding from Police and other gangsters forms an unlikely friendship with a woman who has been tasked with helping him find his wife.

AFF Link

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Top 10 Highest Grossing Chinese Movies in 2019 at the Chinese Box Office

With the second biggest box office in the world, Chinese movies have improved in leaps and bounds from the old kung-fu and fantasy movies of the 90s! Take a look at this list of the Top 10 Chinese movies from 2019! There's a few surprises here

TRAILER REEL: February Week 4, 2020

L.O.R.D 2 Legend of Ravaging Dynasties (China 2020) | Eng Subs | Fan Bingbing | Animation

Fatal Visit 圣荷西谋杀案 (Hong Kong 2020) | English Subtitles | Charlene Choi | Thriller

Summer of Changsha 六欲天 (China 2019) | English Subtitles | Huang Lu | Thriller

Beyond The Dream 幻爱 (Hong Kong 2020) | English Subtitles | Cecilia Choi | Drama

77 Heartwarmings 感动她77次 (Hong Kong 2020) | English Subtitles | Charlene Choi | Comedy

The Attorney 一級指控 (Hong Kong 2020) | English Subtitles | Alex Fong | Thriller

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Guess What We Found When We Went to the Cinema in China! | A Tour of a Chinese Cinema

In this Special Feature video, The Arty Dans takes you on a tour of the YES Cinema complex in Guangzhou China. We check out all their facilities, snacks and even a peak inside the projection room!

Thursday, 20 February 2020