Friday 10 February 2023

Should You Watch... KUMANTHONG 2 JACKPOT ISLAND? A ridiculously unnecessary sequel (Vietnam)

Just to prove it has tenuous links to the previous film, this movie picks up after the conclusion of the first movie. Ffresh after killing her murderous husband, A now pregnant Soi and her dad board a boat to an island to start a new life.

But desperate for her children to see the face of their father, she starts to practice black magic howver is stopped by her father. But not soon enough, as it unleashes a new, terrible curse on the island.

Fast forward around 30 years later, and a group of friends lead by a woman with a severe leg injury, her adopted sister, her boyfriend, a magician and two travel guides/Instagram streamer idiots head to the island for her birthday.

Lo and behold, things start to happen on this cursed island. Visions are experienced, death occurs, the truth is revealed and more weak links to the first movie are shoehorned in to remind you that there is a better movie out there you should be watching


Where do you start with this disaster?

Firstly the first movie didn’t need a sequel, since it was based on a real event. So making it a sequel is shoehorning characters into an original story

That’s what this is – this is a modern style horror movie about annoying people who film everything they do. Luckily its not found footage

Watch the video for my full review


Genre Horror Thriller
Director Lê Bình Giang
Starring Tran Nghia, Sam
Original Title Đảo Độc Đắc - Tử Mẫu Thiên Linh Cái
Alternative Title Jackpot Island: Kumanthong Returns
Country of Origin Vietnam
Release Date December 12 2022

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