Tuesday 24 December 2019

BINGE REVIEWS: Wine War (China, 2017) and The Torture Club (Japan, 2014)

More Binge Reviews! These are short (less than 90 seconds) reviews on smaller, older, weirder or mainstream titles that don't warrant a long review video. Designed to watch one after another - that's why I call them Binge Reviews! Enjoy

Wine War - China | 2017 | D: Leon Lai

I present to you "Wine War" - easily and without a doubt the WORST CHINESE MOVIE EVER MADE - and do you know how long that list is? There's thousands of movies on that list, and this is the worst. I am not lying to you, I have no reason to. But still watch this review, and leave a comment if you think there could be a worse movie than this!

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Brutal - Japan | 2018 | D: Takashi Hirose

Again, Japan proving to the world that no matter how violent or gory a movie others can make, they can do one better! And this movie is no exception - this is BRUTAL, literally. Find out in 73 seconds how brutal it is. 

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