Monday 22 April 2019

The House That Never Dies 2 (China, 2017)

The House That Never Dies 2 (Reawakening)

China| 2017 | D: Joe Chien

Another Chinese horror film, this time a sequel to the 2014 film but in name only, as while they share the same location, that being the Number 81 haunted house, there is no other similarity.

This movie tells the story of a restorer Song Teng, who is attempting to bring the former No 81 house back to its glory. His wife, He Fie, is a doctor. Both are busy working on the day of their seventh wedding anniversary, so He Fie surprises her husband at the house to celebrate. While there she meets Yaoyao, the beautiful daughter of the man Song Teng works for, and instantly becomes suspicious of their relationship.

Before We Vanish (Japan, 2017)

Before We Vanish

Japan | 2017 | D: Kiyoshi Kurosawa

When you think about Japanese sci-fi films, Godzilla and its ilk are probably the first things that come to mind. Or Ghost in the Shell. This film is definitely going to be remembered as such, but it deserves to be considered amongst the group of more interesting movie titles coming from Japan.