Monday 10 June 2019

Forbidden Siren (Japan, 2006)

Siren (Forbidden Siren)

Japan | 2006 | D: Yukihiko Tsutsumi

Until Pokemon Detective Pikachu came along, this movie was the second-best movie based on a video game (the first obviously being Mortal Kombat!) – it’s now been pushed into third place, but it still deserves your attention.

Based on the second Forbidden Siren game on the PS2, this movie follows the story of a writer and his two children – a teenaged girl and young boy – as they move to an remote island that holds an odd secret: when the air raid siren sounds, do not go outside.

Don't Click (South Korea, 2012)

Don’t Click

South Korea| 2012 | D: Tae-kyeong Kim

It’s a little known (it’s actually a well-known fact) that Koreans make decent horror and thriller films. It’s also a known fact that America loves to remake them.

There are two reasons to watch this movie – 1) to compare it to the inevitable American remake (there is a Canadian film set for release in 2020, but other than the title there is no link) and 2) Bo-Yeong Park. She is absolutely gorgeous – but if you’re after a good film of her, you’re better off with “A Werewolf Boy (2012)”.

Attack Girls’ Swim Team VS The Undead (Japan, 2007)

Attack Girls’ Swim Team VS The Undead (Undead Pool)

Japan | 2007 | D: Koji Kawano

Sometimes a movie just has to have a good title to make you want to watch it – this is definitely one of those films. Look at it - it's awesome!