Monday 10 June 2019

Attack Girls’ Swim Team VS The Undead (Japan, 2007)

Attack Girls’ Swim Team VS The Undead (Undead Pool)

Japan | 2007 | D: Koji Kawano

Sometimes a movie just has to have a good title to make you want to watch it – this is definitely one of those films. Look at it - it's awesome!

Firmly in the Japanese z-grade of horror films, this T&A gore fest does nothing new to a genre already full of ridiculousness, but you don’t care because that’s not what you want to watch this film.

Zombie teacher juggling

The undead has infiltrated a high school (of course they have) via a virus (of course it is) that makes the teachers violent (of course it does). More importantly, the school swimming team realises what is going on (of course they do) and decide they are going to be the ones who stop what is happening (of course they will).

Something about a secret agent infiltrating the team, something about a second agent sent to monitor the first agent, something about lesbian sex at the school cafeteria. Yeah, that’s the bit you probably want to watch.

As far the usual effects and gore go – you just need to look at the year of production to know what you are getting yourself in for. The computer effects are low quality, the gore effects are nothing better than a few rubber arms from a discount store covered in copious amount of watered down movie blood.

And let’s not get started on the obvious school girl with breast implants.

You don’t care about the story of this movie – and let’s face it, it doesn’t make sense. There is blood, there is violence, there’s lots of Japanese girl nudity and there are ridiculous effects. Done and dusted. Enjoy the short 80 minutes.


  1. “Not enough tits”- Senoir Spielbergo
    Woody Allen is doing the 2020 remake. Featuring 30 of his ex daughters-wives

    1. Hey, as long as he keeps the rubber body parts I am happy with that!!