Saturday 26 December 2020

Under The Bed 2 - The Worst Chinese Horror Movie EVER? | Chinese Horror Review #007

This is the contender for the worst Chinese horror movie ever. And that list is massive, so it goes to show what an utter s-fest this movie is The unrelated in name only sequel - Under The Bed 2. Which strangely has 0 scenes involving ANYTHING that happens under any beds AFF Link N/A Douban Genre Horror (hahahaha, no seriously..) Director Jie Yuan Starring Abby Yin, Yuan Chen, Wei Song, Jiamin Chen Original Title 床下有人2

Saturday 12 December 2020

The Chrysalis - The Best Chinese Horror Movie Ever? | Chinese Horror Review #006

Welcome to my Chinese horror movies reviews - you'll get a review AND an explanation of the ending. Because these movies are so bad you'll need it! In this episode, it's the supposed BEST CHINESE HORROR MOVIE EVER. Tall call - so it is true? AFF Link Douban Genre Horror Director Chuji Qiu Starring Sandrine Pinna, Quan Ren Original Title 女蛹