Wednesday 25 January 2023

Should You Watch... JAILANGKUNG SANDEKALA? Kimo Stamboel's Creepy Jungle Spirit Doll Spin-off!

A family on a road trip stops by a picturesque lake to take a rest when their youngest child, Kinan, mysteriously goes missing after he interacts with a strange looking doll.

With the help of the local police, a search team looks for him, but Sandra, his mother, and Niki, his step-sister, start to experience supernatural incidents after Niki retrieves the same doll.

Alongside the police chief’s nephew Faisal, Niki investigates the parallel’s between Kinan’s disappearance and the cases of other missing children until she opens up a portal belonging to the spirit who is responsible.


Going into this movie with the understand that Kimo Stamboel is the director, one half of the famous Mo Brothers duo, was enough to get my attention. I loved his previous film Macabre, so my expectation was hoping it would something closer to that than his other 2022 film Ivanna.

This movie is a spin-off of the previous Jailangkung films, in where a doll is used as a catalyst to call the spirit of a departed loved one. Or in this movie, it’s also used as a lure to capture unsuspecting young children.

Being set in the forest, the movie oozes atmosphere. From the heavy rains to the mould-soaked interiors of the house, there is an immense feeling of dread throughout the film, intensified by brief horror scenes involving bodies with twisted necks. These bits are quite hair raising.

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Genre Supernatural Horror
Director Kimo Stamboel
Starring Syifa Hadju, Dwi Sasono, Titi Kamal
Original Title Jailangkung Sandekala
Country of Origin Indonesia
Release Date September 22 2023

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