Saturday 4 January 2020

BINGE REVIEWS: Level 16 (Canada, 2018) and A Vigilante (USA, 2018)

More Binge Reviews! These are short (less than 90 seconds) reviews on smaller, older, weirder or mainstream titles that don't warrant a long review video. Designed to watch one after another - that's why I call them Binge Reviews! Enjoy

Level 16 - Canada | 2018 | D: Danishka Esterhazy

Two girls stuck in a boarding school with no sunlight and no freedom discover the truth about their situation. How will they handle it? How do you expect :)

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A Vigilante - USA | 2018 | D: Sarah Daggar-Nickson

A scorned woman helps other women and children escape from domestic violence situations, but when the man she has been running from catches up to her, its how she responds that will determine her fate.

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